Stef Ringgenberg – Tree Doctor | Arborist
in Boulder, Colorado and the front range

flatirons trees
Expert advice on trees and their care.
Let’s give your trees a check up!

Colorado Blue Spruce

Stef loves helping homeowners answer questions about their trees. if you have a sick tree, or just want to know about your trees and their care, Stef can help. Stef has over 50 years tree service experience, and knows Boulder County trees and their problems.

Boulder Tree & Landscape Consulting no longer does the physical work. Now, Stef just gives advice, and doesn’t try to sell you anything. Tree service salesmen will give you free advice, but their aim is to sell you as much as they can. Stef tells you what you really need, if anything. He might just save you money.

Stef also appraises trees, does tree surveys for construction projects, looks for hazards, and consults on anything related to trees.