Tree Surveys

Tree Inventories and Surveys

Tree Inventories or Tree Surveys

We perform tree surveys for anyone who needs to know what trees are on their property or in their city:

1. Tree Inventories or tree Surveys as required by municipalities prior to construction.

2. Tree Surveys by HOAs to determine tree populations and their needs. Right now there is a special need to determine which trees are vulnerable to Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). The survey, in addition to identifying the ash trees, helps decide which trees to treat vs EAB and which trees are not worth the expense.

Crab Blossoms

Crab Blossoms

3. Surveys to identify trees that may be hazardous. We check trees for defects or growing patterns that make them likely to fail during storms or in the wind.

4. Tree Surveys to determine general tree health and maintenance needs.

5. Tree preservation plans to protect trees during construction projects.