My 51st Anniversary in the Tree Business!

 I started doing tree work in May of 1972. When the tree service he worked for went bankrupt, another man and I started Boulder Tree & Landscape Company.  I bought out my partner in 1977 and grew Boulder Tree into Boulder’s premier Tree Service.  In 2003 the company was sold to Davey Tree Experts, and I have been strictly a consultant and Tree Doctor ever since.

In those 51 years, I seen just about anything that can happen to a tree.  I know the trees, I known their problems, and what can be done. I can also advise about what trees are good to plant.

My favorite job is to walk properties with homeowners. We identify the trees, diagnose any problems, and generally discuss the best way to care for the trees.  I’d love to walk your property with you!

Stef Ringgenberg
Boulder Tree & Landscape Consulting